The INCUBIS project was completed at the end of April 2023. To sum up the consortium’s work, the partners met for the final general assembly in Barcelona on 17th April.

Following the meeting, on 18th-20th April the final event to summarise and present the results of 3-year-long work in the INCUBIS project took place. IRIS (the coordinator) organized a stand during Advanced Factories Expo & Congress in Barcelona.

At the stand, visitors could see the new INCUBIS video but also see the functionalities of the INCUBIS platform. In addition to the stand, the project was presented during two speeches performed in Advanced Factories event by Veronica Kuchinow (Simbiosy) and by the project coordinator – Albert Torres (IRIS) presenting the INCUBIS’s final results. Albert Torres took part in a panel discussion on Architecture and industrial urban planning. In search of a healthy and sustainable factory environment.