We are pleased to announce the launch of INCUBIS accelerated training and mentoring programme being one of the tools developed in INCUBIS, aiming to support the implementation of energy symbiosis projects.

The INCUBIS training programme is aimed at executives (top and middle) of both intermediaries (e.g. ESCOs, DHC operators, IPOs, municipalities) and companies engaging in energy symbiosis. But the general public is also encouraged to take the course. Therefore, the content presented starts with a basic presentation of energy symbiosis, its benefits and barriers.

INCUBIS accelerated training and mentoring programme is available via the INCUBIS platform together with other services offered for the registered users.

The training programme consists of 8 specific modules:

  • Module I: Energy Symbiosis for Industries
  • Module II: Operational framework for implementing Energy Symbiosis
  • Module III: Symbiosis identification
  • Module IV: Energy Symbiosis phases Ideation of the project
  • Module V: Energy Symbiosis phases Gap analysis and feasibility assessment
  • Module VI: Energy Symbiosis phases Planification and investments
  • Module VII: Energy Symbiosis phases Implementation monitoring of performances
  • Module VIII: Virtual Energy Symbiosis Incubator Platform

Each person who completes the course will receive an official INCUBIS certificate. The course takes place via the EdApp training platform. When joining for the first time, click on any of the modules in the Training section of the INCUBIS Platform. The user is redirected to EdApp, where is asked to create a free account. The necessary data are an e-mail address and a password (important: if the user already has an account on EdApp, he/she must create a new account with a different e-mail address).